Monthly Archives: October 2015

Ni Hao

Now depending on what part of the globe you’re in, Ni Hao either means a polite hello or  is a colloquial w’sup. Either way it’s a greeting, but in this case it meant the former. Mandarin for Hello and about the extent of my language skills in China. Beijing is a big city and I […]

On Arrival – KGL

They don’t do plastic bags in Rwanda. Period. So at the baggage area  of Kigali Airport you trade in your See Buy Fly or similar plastic bag for a woven tote. Welcome to a plastic free city…it looks wonderful.

Runners Delight – The Dakar Edition

40 minutes to spare in Dakar? Running up to the top of Rte de la Corniche Estate from the Avenue de la Liberation turnoff will do you just right then. Early morning with the sun just creeping in over the hill and the Atlantic Ocean beside you as you get steadily higher and higher up […]

Zebra Crossing

Serengeti – the Maasai word for Endless Savannah.  Endless. Savannah. I’m sure it’s beautiful in the rainy season, but in the dry season it’s just ….endless. Eeennndddless. Imagine you are standing on a beach and the ocean is in front of you, except there are no waves, the ocean is as still as a lake, and […]

The Quest for Bloomin’ Orchids

Yes I confess.  In my previous life I must have been old and English and lived in a shire. There I am in New York City and I find out that the Annual Orchid show is on. Again I confess, if it weren’t for having to maintain dignity, a cartwheel would have happened right there and […]

Caption This!

I know they said it was a no-fence lodge but I didn’t realize who we’d be sharing the pool with. Oops!

On Arrival – ATL

This picture warmed my heart. Arrived at the largest airport in the world, to find that our fight is not ours alone. Thank you  Atlanta. #handsoffourelephants