Runners Delight – The Nairobi Marathon Edition


Held in October each year under the charity banner Seeing is Believing, the Nairobi marathon recently held its 13th edition. What a Gathering.

Now if Kenya is known for something, it’s for her runners so running amongst (ok behind) the worlds best runners in this fair city holds a special kind of excitement. Nairobi is at her best in October with extended cool mornings, wide jacaranda filled avenues and Kenyans and friends of Kenya out in the thousands for the full and half marathons, 10k road race and the 5k family fun run.


If you enjoy hitting the road with old, new and up and coming champions walking and running then see you at the next gathering in Nairobi come October.



  1. Oh wow – did you complete it?

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    1. Just the 10k. Perhaps in 2016 I can go for the half or full marathon. But then again if you read Veni Vedi Vici you might suggest I stick to my lane !

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      1. Ha… I got upto a half marathon last year but lost it all very quickly need to get back into running next year as it’s such a challenge. I imagine running where you are would be so picturesque and much harder due to weather


      2. Its constant struggle isn’t it ? We certainly have some incredibly picturesque routes ( including the Lewa Marathon which is run in the wild !

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      3. Ah amazing… Just walking in the wild was a privilege. We also camped there too. On the Okavango delta

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