Grief. Remembrance. Celebration.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”



Her name – Bega Begum. She lived in the 16th century. First wife of the second Mughal Emperor Humayun.

He died – she grieved. But it was not enough. She travelled to Mecca. Perhaps to find peace. She may have found solace, we will never know. But she found purpose.

It took fourteen years after his death – for her to find the answer. And so she began. She roused the stonemasons, the master craftsmen, the sandstone quarry keepers and the designers and her grief found purpose. Married to it she found a way to remember her Humayun.

Seven years the labored. Mercilessly hauling up quarry stone, matching each one to its perfect mate. They labored in the hot sun, wet monsoon and cold winters. Led by the Persian master, they toiled.  All for her lost love. They carved and printed, they stenciled and sanded.

She rests there today, together with her Humayun. Her peace found, her purpose fulfilled. A lasting legacy of a woman’s undying love for her Emporer erected for eternity on the shores of the Yamuna river.

Five hundred years later we walk around in awe. In complete admiration of passion poured into stone, ornate beauty at each turn celebrating light, celebrating love.




  1. Excellent Shots!


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