14 days into 2016 and there’s already a marked difference.

I see them all around me. Each morning and evening.

Determined folks, wearing new gear, wearing togs that have been in the closet for months, testing out new kicks or old ones.

All of them out on the roads around me.

Some sweatier than others, each motivated by their own purpose. Some may be thinking this is the year I really need to lose weight and its starting NOW! Others may be re-committing to a running regime that was started but tapered off at some point during the year, for a reason that can no longer be remembered. Perhaps for some this is their penance for excesses of the festive season.

Who knows? Only each one understands their own motivations for running in the New Year.

I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions. In fact I suspect I have a whole anti-New Year thing going on… but I digress. Last year I came close though. I embraced a different approach to the New Year. While not a resolution, I decided to adopt a defining word that would be my North Star. Personally, professionally, spiritually, in my family and in my relationships. I decided that one word would be my guide through random moments and deep decisions throughout the year.  It took a while to figure out what that one word would be, but eventually I landed on it. I knew it was the one, because I didn’t like it. I knew to embrace it completely would be work.

#growing became my mantra, my personal 2015 hashtag.

At times it was annoying beyond belief, because there are some points where you just DON’T want to be the bigger person but it’s a growth opportunity so… #growing.

Or when I had to stop just daydreaming about writing in the future and actually start doing it. Drumroll – one writing class and now I’m running two blogs. #growing.

Sometimes it meant leaving things behind or exorcising them to make room for new stuff, new people, new opportunities, new joys, new fears and new perspectives.  Like I recently read, some disassembling was required. Much like time which is fixed, life can only hold so much. In order to keep #growing, space has to be made and walking away from things which had been a part of my life for a while, whether it was an attitude, a behavior or a now-toxic friendship, letting go had to happen, painful or not.

But that’s what #growing is. And now on the other side of 2015, I know it was good for me.

So much like the runners around me who have made promises for themselves and are already pounding the road each day, I’m looking forward to discovering what word will be my torch in 2016.

Care to join me?




  1. This is a great post and really inspiring! I actually start thinking about my word 2015, and what t could be 2016. Best regards!!

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    1. Thanks Isa! Take your time… it will come 🙂


  2. Wow, I like the idea ..And am gonna join in.. Torch for 2016.. My heart is set on “Sleeping” , but my head is set on finding the right one 😉

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  3. timelesswheel · · Reply

    Love this! 🙂

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  4. […] That was awesome .. ? I think it is a wonderful idea.. […]


  5. I think runner’s have a different kind of soul then others… They are just so strong, pushing themselves everyday and becoming what they have planned… It is absolutely brave of them to keep doing it. It is difficult and they make it… Thanks for inspiring me too… I am going to start running by this summer… I wana be healthy again. Thanks again 🙂

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    1. I hope you’ve started on your path to running. Take it easy, find the right timing and set small goals. You’ll love it !

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