Monthly Archives: March 2016

Runners Delight – The Kigali Edition

Oh the places you will go, the things you will see…on a morning run in a foreign town!


A Most Perfect Promontory

In the middle of a Lake in the northern most part of Italy, with the surrounding mountains watching as sentinels, stands the most perfect promontory. In this spot where the peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the water and the elevation at its topmost is aligned with the top of Alps, pretty is an adjective that doesn’t begin to do justice.

Runners Delight – The First Lady’s Half Marathon Edition

In all honesty Kenya is known well for two things – her wildlife and her long distant runner. It seemed quite befitting then when our First Lady Margaret Kenyatta decided to run the London marathon in 2014, but she was not a likely candidate at all.

False Limitations

I came across this curious door in the middle of a beach in Malindi, a small town on Kenya’s northen coast. What was its purpose, this door to nowhere?