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When You Want To Feel Refreshed….

I’ll be honest, one place I didn’t expect to ever find myself was at a museum dedicated to the world’s biggest brand.  Partly because prior to this Atlanta visit I never even knew such a thing existed. My associations with that fair city were around CNN, Martin Luther King Jr, Scarlett O’hara, even the Centres […]

The Quest for Bloomin’ Orchids

Yes I confess.  In my previous life I must have been old and English and lived in a shire. There I am in New York City and I find out that the Annual Orchid show is on. Again I confess, if it weren’t for having to maintain dignity, a cartwheel would have happened right there and […]

Soul of a City – DC

Came across this place while on walkabout in Georgetown. A thousand miles away from home, they speak my language.