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Runners Delight – The Kigali Edition

Oh the places you will go, the things you will see…on a morning run in a foreign town!


Runners Delight – The First Lady’s Half Marathon Edition

In all honesty Kenya is known well for two things – her wildlife and her long distant runner. It seemed quite befitting then when our First Lady Margaret Kenyatta decided to run the London marathon in 2014, but she was not a likely candidate at all.

Runners Delight – The Cape Town Edition

I once heard that whatever angle you gaze upon the Mona Lisa from, her eyes will find and follow you. Cape Town has its own version of that serene lady. She sits gazing from above. Wherever you are in this fair city she follows.

That Thing That Brings Us Together

Growing up, TV was a luxury. In addition, it was a luxury that  was strictly regulated both by my parents and by the state. The active TV signal went on each day at exactly 5pm with a grainy picture of a fluttering flag and the national anthem. If you happened to put on the Television set at […]

Veni Vedi Vici

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.” I am not a runner. I am not a physical fitness enthusiast. I have never even had a gym membership. But a few years ago I realised that playing in the backyard with the young ‘uns was leaving me winded. So I started walking. Then […]

Runners Delight – The Nairobi Marathon Edition

Held in October each year under the charity banner Seeing is Believing, the Nairobi marathon recently held its 13th edition. What a Gathering. Now if Kenya is known for something, it’s for her runners so running amongst (ok behind) the worlds best runners in this fair city holds a special kind of excitement. Nairobi is […]

Runners Delight – The Dakar Edition

40 minutes to spare in Dakar? Running up to the top of Rte de la Corniche Estate from the Avenue de la Liberation turnoff will do you just right then. Early morning with the sun just creeping in over the hill and the Atlantic Ocean beside you as you get steadily higher and higher up […]