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Boy vs. Ocean 

This moment by the shore is a portrait of motherhood. His growth, his potential juxtaposed against my fear and my hope, my struggle to let go.


In the Shadow of the Sleeping Warrior

At the base of the Rift Valley lies a shallow lake. In its simple serenity and calm, one’s soul is quietly found.

A Most Perfect Promontory

In the middle of a Lake in the northern most part of Italy, with the surrounding mountains watching as sentinels, stands the most perfect promontory. In this spot where the peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the water and the elevation at its topmost is aligned with the top of Alps, pretty is an adjective that doesn’t begin to do justice.


14 days into 2016 and there’s already a marked difference. I see them all around me. Each morning and evening. Determined folks, wearing new gear, wearing togs that have been in the closet for months, testing out new kicks or old ones. All of them out on the roads around me. Some sweatier than others, […]

Beauty Found: A Story of Coffee

Coffee is a finicky shrub. A heartless, haughty crop. It needs constant care, regular attention. Like a teenager its nature is temperamental, demanding, quicksilver but within lies hidden flashes of deep beauty which I only found once I got past its drama and went looking for it.