I once heard that whatever angle you gaze upon the Mona Lisa from, her eyes will find and follow you. Cape Town has its own version of that serene lady. She sits gazing from above. Wherever you are in this fair city she follows.


14 days into 2016 and there’s already a marked difference. I see them all around me. Each morning and evening. Determined folks, wearing new gear, wearing togs that have been in the closet for months, testing out new kicks or old ones. All of them out on the roads around me. Some sweatier than others, […]

Coffee is a finicky shrub. A heartless, haughty crop. It needs constant care, regular attention. Like a teenager its nature is temperamental, demanding, quicksilver but within lies hidden flashes of deep beauty which I only found once I got past its drama and went looking for it.

They are everywhere on the streets of Asian Cites. They go by several names – tuk tuks, auto-rickshaw and bajaj to name a few. Assuredly noisy, sometimes reckless and frequently belching diesel fumes. These characteristics are common to the species no matter where they are found. The minion like versions above are Delhi’s offering to […]

When I think of Tiananmen Square one image comes to mind.  A grainy image of a single man. Somewhat thin, no doubt trembling. In a white shirt, with longish hair standing alone in front of a military tank. Making a moment in history. I don’t recall the first time I saw that iconic image from […]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but often I believe it’s the other way around.  Its a picture that evokes a thousand words  and while picture can tell a story, that story is heard differently by each viewer. Only words can bring to each viewer the unique experience of the photographer. That person behind the lens […]

Growing up, TV was a luxury. In addition, it was a luxury that  was strictly regulated both by my parents and by the state. The active TV signal went on each day at exactly 5pm with a grainy picture of a fluttering flag and the national anthem. If you happened to put on the Television set at […]